13U Fall Ball
  • 10-Game Schedule w/ hats & t-shirts 
  • 3-Month UBA Membership (September through November) ($350 Value)
  • UBA Ultimate Infield Clinic ($60 Value)
  • Speed & Agility Clinic ($50 Value)
  • Weekly Hitting Circuits w/ Jason Shockey & Curt Shockey ($50 Value)
  • All-Skills Clinic w/ Curt Shockey, Jason Shockey & Bill Olson ($50 Value)
  • Pitching Clinic w/ Hall of Fame Coach Bill Olson ($40 Value)

Fall League Quick Facts:

Event Format: 5 Weeks of Double-headers (10 Game Minimum Guarantee)

Competition & Skill Levels: "Premier" is the top level (AAA & Major).  "Select" is the next level down (A & AA).  Where you sign your child/team up will determine what level of competition that they will be scheduled against and play at.  IT IS RECOMMENDED YOUR CHILD PLAY AT THE AGE LEVEL AND DISTANCE THEY WILL BE PLAYING NEXT SEASON.  HOWEVER, PLEASE DO NOT PLAY THEM "UP" A SKILL LEVEL.  FOR EXAMPLE, IF THEY PLAYED AT THE AA LEVEL THIS YEAR, PLEASE REGISTER THEM "SELECT" FOR FALL BASEBALL, NOT "PREMIER" WHICH WOULD BE FOR AAA OR MAJOR PLAYERS.

Probable Field Locations:  Lamp Park, The Yard, Keystone, LaVista, Carter Lake, Westgate, Sandlot, Towl, Roncalli, Kelley, Seymour-Smith, Roddy, Glenwood, Millard South, Millard West, Mt. Michael, St. Alberts, and Thomas Jefferson.

Clinic Schedule: Refer to Calendar of Events
UBA Ultimate Infield Clinic: Refer to Calendar of Events
Speed & Agility Clinic:
 Refer to Calendar of Events
Hitting Circuits w/ Jason Shockey & Curt Shockey:
 Refer to Calendar of Events

All-Skills Clinic: Refer to Calendar of Events
Pitching Clinic:
 Refer to Calendar of Events
Practice Date: August 25th

Game Dates:  August 26th, September 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th  (Rain dates: Oct 7th, 14th)

Equipment Required: Players and teams must provide their own bats, helmets, gloves and catcher's gear.  Each team will be given hats, shirts, score books, and a dozen baseballs prior to the first week of games.

Entry Deadline: AUGUST 13TH.

Parent's Meeting: We will be doing another online video and blog this year for the parents meeting so that you do not need to come in an extra Sunday.  Parents Meeting will be posted by August 1st.  Coaches may pick up uniforms, etc., the week before the first games.

Game Schedule Release Date
: Friday, August 17th