General Overview

Parents and Coaches,

Due to increasing interest in our program, Junior Pride baseball is transitioning to a multi-team structure for age groups T-Ball, Coach Pitch, 3rd-4th 5th 6th and 7th 8th where applicable beginning with the spring 2018 season. The transition to the multi-team format is designed to advance player development and balance competitive play for all of our Junior Pride baseball players and teams.  We will offer different levels of play to provide players the best possible opportunity to compete at a player’s appropriate skill level.

 All players must participate in evaluations to be considered for the USSSA team (or make other arrangements) and will be placed by team managers through a draft to be held following the evaluations.  Players that do not attend evaluations will be placed on the non USSSA team or teams.  Players will be placed on a team based upon their own merits (skills, athletic ability, hustle, enthusiasm, and coachability)  If players have played on a previous year’s team, their prior commitment, character and parent issues may also be considered. No player will be placed on a team over a more deserving candidate because he/she has previously played on a specific team. 

Your involvement as parents, players, and coaches has played a huge role in growing our baseball program to this point.  I am excited for the opportunities that this growth has presented us, and we appreciate your continued support of the Junior Pride baseball program.


Please email Mike, Joe, or Jeremy at for any questions or concerns you may have.