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The mission of the Junior Pride Association is to offer all, who are eligible, the opportunity to participate in sponsored programs.

  • Participation, in the athletic events, is to be considered primary.
  • Competition and winning are by-products of participation and are secondary.
  • Participation, complete honesty and fair play, demonstrated by coaches of unquestionable Christian and moral character provide youth with direction to grow in the image of Christ.
Tackle Football Registration Extended
Posted Jun 17, 2019

Jr. Pride has extended it tackle football registration to June 30th. 

3rd/4th Grade has openings and is still offering a 10% discount.

5th/6th Grade currently has a waitlist, be we are only a few players away from having 2 teams. 

7th/8th Grade has limited openings. 

Visit the Football-Tackle tab on the left to sign up!



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